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  • IKMEE is recognized as an 'Authorized Association of Accreditation' in 20th May 2016 by the minister of Education to evaluate and accredit Korean Medicine Education. Thanks to the association of Korean Medicine, 12 universities of Korean Medicine college and the accreditation board members' enthusiastic support, IKMEE could get approved by the government in spite of difficult condition Korean Medicine encountered. I'd like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to those who supported the institute.

    According to article 5, Medical Service Act proclaimed in Feb 2012, a person intends to become an oriental medical doctor shall qualified as a bachelor's degree holder who has graduated from a university or college, with a major in oriental medical science, which has obtained accreditation from an accredited institution referred to in Article 11-2 of the Higher Education Act. In article 11-2, Higher Education Act proclaimed on Dec. 22, 2015 and become effective Jun. 23, 2016, an institution accredited by the Minister of Education may, at the request of a university or college, evaluate or certify the overall management of a university or college and operation of curricula. It is essential to control educational quality of colleges training future medical personnel systematically. The Higher Education Act presents obligational duty of evaluation and accreditation for quality of education and the Medical Service Act is involved administratively in article regarding getting license.

    Education needs a long-range plan(Education should be guided in a long-range basis). To improve competence of Korean Medicine(To solve problems Korean Medicine is faced), IKMEE will take an a leading role in patient-oriented medicine. We will put our every efforts to upgrade accreditation standards and evaluation tools for capability and result centered education programs. It is our goal to make Korean Medicine be loved and get public confidence. We also will keep cooperate with other related organizations to raise the quality of national examination and educate student after graduation to globalize Korean Medicine.

    Recently, there has been a systemic change from just transferring knowledge in one-way to defining and evaluating professional capability in the expertise educational field. To keep step with this trend, we have been making the shape of Korean Medicine Education system.

    Changing and improving Korean Medicine Education is our priority project.

    We look forward to your continued concerns, cooperations and words of encouragement and counsel.

    Sohn, In Chul. President of IKMEE.