Goal of Evaluation and Accreditation

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Evaluation & Accreditation for KM Education

Establishes and suggests standards for the curriculum, as well as educational conditions and activities in KM educational institutions, in order to enhance social responsibility and quality of KM education, thus cultivating fine HRs for K.M. sector. Based on the standards, the IKMEE conducts regular E&A for K.M. educational institutions to induce improvement in their educational conditions and programs.

Expected Outcome of the E&A Process

K.M. Universities: K.M. University can promote its members to voluntary participation to the E&A processes, and have basis to solve issues at hand continuously.
Construction of valid system that produces competent DKMs trusted by the people Government & Society: Provision of information on enhancing quality of higher education; securing choices on universities for consumers of educational services; credibility for higher education; stable policy operation for KM services; and ultimately, securing public health E&A process is important in securing responsibility of the universities

Global Community: A system for objective verification of K.M. educational process can secure originality of the process than other KM. educational institutions worldwide
Enhancing global competitiveness via creation of global level of E&A criteria and processes