Main Business of Evaluation and Accreditation

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Main business of IKMEE

Evaluation and Accreditation of Korean Medicine Education Since 2008, IKMEE has arranged and developed evaluation standards and procedures. IKMEE pursues independent, objective and professional evaluation and accreditation. IKMEE checks and evaluates the educational environment and programs of colleges of Korean Medicine. For the purpose of retaining objectiveness, IKMEE analyzes national and international research and also holds workshops and public hearings to collect extensive opinions. IKMEE cooperates with related organizations such as governments; Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of Education, the association of Korean Medicine, Society of Korean Medicine, other evaluation and accreditation institutes.

Research of Korean Medicine Education IKMEE performs various research in order to enhance evaluation and accreditation systems and improve the quality of Korean Medicine education. IKMEE develops educational programs to build professional ability of evaluation members. Moreover, IKMEE studies for the improvement of the national licensing examination system for Korean Medicine doctors based on results of education and competence.

Legal Background

Ministry Ministry of Education Ministry of Health and Welfare
Relevant Act(s) Higher Education Act Medical Service Act
Details E&A as per Article 11-2 of the Higher Education Act: Schools with curriculum for medical persons shall be evaluated by accredited institution(s) Grants applicability for graduates of schools accredited by E&A institution(s) as per Article 11-2 of the Higher Education Act
Objective Quality management of medical persons via school curricula Quality management of medical persons
Compulsion &Penalties 1st Penalty – Reduction in No. of students; 2nd – Closing of the department/school Restricting applicability for license examinations