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Domestic networking

1-1Consultation Group on KM Education - Consultation Group organized with heads of major KM associations discussing main issues of KM education - Strive to achieve common KM education goal and discuss broad frame work of governance 1-2 Meeting for E&A Institutes of the Evaluation Alliance for Medical Persons - Proceed agendas regarding major issue with heads of public health organization - Improve reliability and speciality of evaluation and accreditation institution by networking with other institutions - Discuss diverse topics as policy, regulation, complaint from government and united symposium

Global network

To build global network of experts in traditional medicine field, we visit each country, have meetings with related association and construct various relationships to discuss education and evaluation system.

main network of experts

year Country research topic
Name Institute Postion
1 India Narendra Bhatt Indian Association for the Study of Traditional Asian Medicine Chair
2 U.S.A Michael Shi California Acupuncture Board Chair
2 Canada Ben Bao Qi Cao College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Acupuncturists of British Columbia Canadian Alliance of Regulatory Bodies pf Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners & Acupuncturists Chair
3 Taiwan Hen Hong Chang China Medical University Dean
4 Australia Charlie Xue Chinese Medicine Board of Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency Chair
5 Russia Yun-Soo Seong Pacific State Medical University Professor